If Superpowers Were Real


Superpowers are awesome, no doubt. They fill up our screens, and we get a big kick out of Hulk’s sucker-punching Thor. But let’s ask the screenwriter’s golden question: WHAT IF…? — The truth of the matter (after watching this wonderful TED series) is that human beings are super-creatures as we know them. Because any other variation of our nature or abilities would end up getting everybody (and ourselves) killed pretty fast.

Now, we know drama is conflict. If we were to ignore the worst dangers of superpowers (as science explains them to us), these little problems caused by the realistic consequences of supernatural abilities would be a world of fun and games. E.g: the girl would be killed by the impact of the body of her super-speed savior, rather than by just a bullet. A super-strong hero would crush his mom’s rib cage when hugging her in the morning. Flying, due to lack of friction, wouldn’t be different from swimming, except in the air. Invisibility would mean total blindness, since light would pass through our retinas without leaving a trace.

See how much fun you can have making a more “real” superhero? Or should we call them, “super-victims”? See it for yourself!


Body mass:



Super strength:

Super speed:


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