Good Gentlemen Who Overpay

ben hechtThe 20s and 30s in Hollywood. According to what Marc Norman tells in What Happens Next, that was the life. Money flowed, the recession was only a bedtime story, and most writers were New York-based authors who despised the film industry and wrote their scripts quickly and effortlessly.

Here’s what Ben Hecht wrote about the moguls:


Good gentlemen who overpay
Me fifty times for every fart,
Who hand me statues when I bray
And hail my whinnying as Art —
I pick your pockets every day
But how you bastards break my heart
Knee-deep in butlers, smothered half
In horse-shit splendors, soft and fat
And worshipping the Golden Calf
I Mutter trough my new plush hat
“Why did you steal my pilgrim’s Staff?
Why do you make me write like that?”

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