Short Story

A Story Of Life And Death In 23 Words


Very much in the vein of that “6-word novel” wrongly attributed to Hemingway (“For sale: Baby shoes, never worn”), a story has appeared in the Spanish media about one of the passengers of the Alvia 151 train, which — not without a certain dark, uncanny sense of coincidence — derailed on the eve of St. James’ day, precisely when entering the city of Santiago, at the hair-raising speed of 190kmh.

Susana was traveling from Madrid, where she’d been attending a funeral, and Arcadio, her husband, was waiting for her arrival at the train station. As the train approached its destination, the couple began exchanging text messages about the weather…

Susana (8:29pm) – Cloudy.

Arcadio (8:31pm) – If it’s sunny and then cloudy, it’s a scorcher.

Susana (8.45pm) – Accident dunno if’ll mqke it

Susana (8.45pm) – Can’t breathi

Susana (8.45pm) – .

Susana (8.45pm) – Crushred

Arcadio (8.45pm) – What?

Susana (8.50pm) – I’m alrightq!


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