Script Problems

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If there ever was something smarter than learning from one’s errors, that would be learning from other people’s errors too. (They can often be the same ones, granted.) Late last year, FastCo.Create and The Blackboard published an infographic displaying data gathered by an anonymous script reader. “Over 300 scripts from 5 different studios” constituted the sample. Besides some merely circumstantial stats such as genre, heroes’ and villain’s (and writers’) sex, or page count —or the surprising and incomprehensible fact that 2 of those 300 scripts were located in “the endless skies” (sic)—, the most interesting conclusions are the Recurring script problems, listed in descending order of frequency. I do this beating my own chest in the first place, because when we try to “design the perfect script” is when we usually fall in all these common places.

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