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The Casablanca Experiment


All film buffs and cinephiles have seen the wonderful Casablanca, and an overwhelming majority consider it a masterpiece. The same goes for many other classics we consider to be true, lasting works of art.

And yet, if we ask ourselves, “Would this movie be made today?” Would it get past the never ending layers of filters —readers, creative execs, big-time execs, financiers, studio analysts, whatnot— that today’s Hollywood puts up to minimize commercial risk? I understand the question is not fair, because what was made at a certain time and place doesn’t necessarily have to made at a different time and place… But, since we all agree it is such a powerful film, I’ll take the liberty of posing the question.

Would Casablanca get green-lit in present-day Hollywood?

And I will answer with a real-life experiment, cited from Bill Mesce‘s book,  Overkill: The Rise And Fall of The Thriller Cinema (McFarland: 2007.)

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