The Blacklist: My Experience


Yesterday a new partnership was announced between The Blacklist and ALMA Guionistas, that will give Spanish screenwriters the opportunity to enjoy discounted rates in the script-hosting services of the site. As a novel writer from Spain who has spent some time in Los Angeles, I feel compelled to write about my personal experience regarding The Blacklist, in case it proves helpful to anyone in a similar situation as mine.

First off, and I want to be very clear: this is good news. Any opportunity for Spanish screenwriters to approach the channels of the Hollywood script market is not only welcome, but much needed. So, congratulations to ALMA for making this partnership happen. It is a very hopeful first step.

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Entertainment Industry

The “Spaindustry” List

As futile an attempt as it may seem, I’ve been trying to compile the Twitter accounts of Spanish entertainment industry players. The list includes screenwriters, producers, and companies, generally established as professionals in the business, with a fair amount of activity on their timelines  (please note, no actors!) Since I might have missed two (or twenty), feel free to give me a heads up if you think someone should, or shouldn’t, be there. You can send ’em my way on the comments section, or via my Twitter account. Please subscribe to the list; and hope you enjoy it!

Short Story

A Story Of Life And Death In 23 Words


Very much in the vein of that “6-word novel” wrongly attributed to Hemingway (“For sale: Baby shoes, never worn”), a story has appeared in the Spanish media about one of the passengers of the Alvia 151 train, which — not without a certain dark, uncanny sense of coincidence — derailed on the eve of St. James’ day, precisely when entering the city of Santiago, at the hair-raising speed of 190kmh.

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